Property Preservation Quiz

To help you in your business and be better prepared I have compiled a list of property preservation quiz questions that you will need to knows. You can Google the answers or you can the next webinar by becoming a subscriber and get to the answers to these questions and understand how to think like…

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How to Board Windows

If you have not come across boarding up windows yet, know that it is coming. Rather than sitting back and passively waiting be sure to always be learning new things about your business so when the opportunity presents its self that you are ready. Do you want to see how to board a window? One…

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Property Preservation Jobs

Property Preservation Jobs Are Everywhere…

Property Preservation Jobs are everywhere. You just have to have an eye of an entrepreneur to see them. Whether you are going to craigslist to look for jobs, post jobs or market your service finding the right Property Preservation Jobs is a matter of changing your mindset. What I have seen too often is new…

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The Worst of Property Preservation Field Service Work

So, you want to start your own property preservation company? You know me. I will give it to you straight and keep the industry honest. And honestly, you need to have a tough stomach to be able to tolerate some of the things you will see. So when you watch these videos, just know that…

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Take Your Property Preseravion Business Outside of the Box & to the Next Level

Here is an example of a property preservation business that has grossed $10 Million Dollars in 2012 and does not operate within the box. If you go through the hassle of getting insurance, do not think for a moment that all you have to do is clean foreclosed homes. Use those licenses to the limit…

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How do I bid a property?

Do you want to know How to bid? There are things that you need to know to do it right. In this video Good Properties, Chris Ewing will the main things you need to keep in mind when bidding.

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Can I See Items From A Trash Out?

Yes, you sure can. I recorded this quick video and shared some photos of what you can expect to see in a trash out. My goal is that you are properly informed before getting into this business. When you go into any business, having lack of information not hurts you, but it also hurts everyone…

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What Kind of Vehicle Do You Reccomend?

Here is one of the questions that I was asked. I thought I would record a short video to help illustrate the answer. What Kind of Vehicle Do You Recommend?

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Property Preservation Webinar One

Here is recording for the first webinar Air Date: 5/15/14 Re-recorded Date: 5/22/14

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Would it be beneficial to get a HUD inspector certification?

Many things have changed since I started my property preservation business back in 2009. And with that my stand on getting a HUD inspector certification has changed as well. I answered a question that was emailed to me and I want you to watch and offer you comments. So, what do you think? Would a…

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